What to do if you think you have bed bugs

Bed Bug Bite

If you think you have a bed bug infestation then you'll need to know how to treat them to be rid of them completely.

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There are many benefits to choosing heat treatment over other methods of pest control, the main benefits are:

  • One treatment is enough to kill all insects! This keeps costs down with no need to use expensive chemicals or pay for damages to equipment from chemicals.
  • Once the treatment has finished, you can immediately get back up and running! No need to wait around until it's safe to continue.

If you have been the victim of heavy sales pressure from bed bug call centres or scam treatments, please let us know and we will do our best to advise you on the appropriate course of action. Never pay up front until a surveyor has called to survey the problem or you are confident you have conveyed all details of the problem over the phone / internet.

Our Services

We provide the full range of bed bug control services

These include inspections and treatments of:

  • Hotels
  • Domestic Premises
  • Aircraft
  • Vessels

We also sub-contract heat treatment services to professional pest control companies

Prices start at £95.00 for inspection and on site DIY advice, this may be all you need.

Please call +44 (0)1623 624637 for advice.


Bed Bugs

What are they?

Not to be confused with Bed mites, which are guilty of causing many asthma problems, bed bugs are large and very mobile, and yes they do feed on blood.

Bed bugs on a bed

Heat Treatment of Bed Bugs

Two room bed bug heat treatment
Two rooms heat treated against bed bugs simultaeneously from outside.

Heat treating Bed Bugs using the Thermokil system.

The mobile Thermokil insect control systems are used as part of an integrated pest management programme for the control of bed bugs in furniture in hotel rooms and hostels.

After careful inspection and use of dogs and insect detectors, the extent of a bed bug infestation is determined and rooms are allocated for treatment. All curtains and bedding are removed and washed above 60C, the fabric of the rooms sprayed or dusted with an appropriate residual insecticide and all the beds, furniture and head boards heat treated, either with small heating unit placed inside the room or corridor, or wherever possible, directly from outside.

Thermokil M25 or M50 heaters may be used to heat the contents of three rooms at a time un-obtrusively from inside, whilst technicians work on the fabric of the empty rooms and around the stack of furniture and beds in the main heat treatment room. Constant temperature monitoring using the Thermolog temperature monitoring system ensures all areas are heated up to temperatures lethal to bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed bug heat treatment

The treatment is also highly effective against House Dust mites and in conjunction with detailed vacuum cleaning can significantly reduce the levels of allergens and the causes of these allergens in beds and bedding that can be a cause of asthma and other allergic responses.

Thermokil are the world leaders in pioneering new technology and techniques for treating a whole range of insect, mite and timber problems in a wide range of industries and field situations.

Treatment of a plane using heat treatment
Bed bugs in Aircraft are becoming a significant headache for even the most prestigious airlines.

One last PR hint - Bed bug treatments are never low key. a useful technique is to describe the work to inquisitive guests as "using heat treatment as an anti-allergy treatment against bed mites, part of the hotels pro-active customer care programme". You might also be telling the truth!

To talk to us or one of our world wide partners please emaildave@thermokil.co.uk or phone +44 7870 562874 to talk directly to one of our staff, for the UK please contact Ryan Overton on ryan@thermokil.co.uk or phone07889 724 974



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